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Financing Community Radio

So I’m in my final year and I have to do a Multimedia Project. It includes doing a proposal, a research Essay on what I do to create my feature, that actual feature for either TV or radio and an online version of that feature. I decided that after working with community radio I’d use that as my topic and more importantly the finances.

The more interesting point is when you compare the money somRadio On Aire stations recieve compared to others and why this is? What do they do that is different?

A lot of them seem to get money from the organisations for projects they do in the community. So by helping the area they are responsible to cater for they are getting money to help themselves to carry on benefitting everyone. It’s a win win situation. Even those who on principle won’t accept advertising can acheive this.

But then you get other stations who seem to find it difficult to get any money. Although it is not as easy as commercial station as you are unlikely to have a big business to pump money into the station during difficult times and reap the rewards when you are doing well, it is still possible.

There are monetary funds out their for projects you can take part in, Ofcom itself has a Community Radio Fund which gives out around £500,000 a year to stations for basic functions such as hiring a member of staff who is vital to them, or for other basic functional needs involving the running and management.

It makes you wonder what makes some able to succeed whilst others fall down at each road hurdle. Why some can take nothing and turn it into something amazing when other people can’t make something they are given on a plate worth more than it started off.

Whatever the reason, the financial difficulties can be solved but someone needs to step up and take the bull by the horns.

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