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The intro cards for Futurama have always been one of my favorite parts of the show because people always talk about the old Simpson’s couch gag but this is just pure gold… I mean-

It goes from everything from 



and then they made fun of how much everyone reacted to the the infamous ‘dead dog episode’ that I cried about…




And then one time when the show got canceled…


and then when it came back..


you’re missing my favorite one though



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When cats can’t accomplish something, they just pretend they were about to do a different thing.
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When cats can’t accomplish something, they just pretend they were about to do a different thing.

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Can we all just take a moment and appreciate Deadpool


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Baby Otter vs. Stuffed Walrus

I awed so loud at this. I want an otter baby

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This was probably the greatest thing I’ve seen all day!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, my new favorite gif.
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This was probably the greatest thing I’ve seen all day!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, my new favorite gif.

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The mouse going in for a snuggle is adorable

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This makes me unbelievably happy. I may not beThis i Catholic but seeing that the pope is the religious leader of millions of people, his example may lead to many people thinking about their own actions.

This is what religion should be. Holding your own belief whilst being tolerant of those around you. This is a man who shows you how religion should work

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Whats In and Out in the Sims 4

For the last several months I have been extremely excited about the Sims 4 but there has been a constant stream of negativity because fans are having to buy a brand new game and re-buy all the expansions.

Recently I read a post on the Sims 3 forum about all the things which are missing from the base game, and whilst I can not deny the validity of what they are claiming is missing, I find it bizarre that they are ignoring how many were not in the base games and how many were in fact introduced in expansion packs; so I am going to reorganise their current list to see what really is missing from the base game.

In all Base Games

Swimming pools

Normal Careers E.G Medical, Business, Law Enforcement



Repo Man


Swim Wear

No Website for the Exchange

Zodiac Signs

In Two Base Games

Foundations can be mixed for different buildings on the same plot (Sims 2 + 3)


Babysitters/Nanny (Sims 2 + 3)

Terrain Tools (Sims 2 + 3)

Can create/place new lots (Sims 2 + 3)

Can Modify Public Spaces (Sims 2 + 3)

Cleaning Skill (Sims 2 + 3)

Comfort Need (Sims 1 + 2)

Cemetery (Sims 2 + 3)

Illness (Sims 2 + 3)

Favourites (Sims 2 +3)

Eyelash length Slider (Sims 2 + 3)

Grocery Store (Sims 2 + 3)

Move Objects Cheat (Sims 2 +3)

Private School (Sims 1 + 2)

Tragic Clown/Social Bunny (Sims 1 + 2)

In One Base Game

Create a Style (Sims 3)

Story Progression (Sims 3)

Open World (Sims 3)

Aliens (Sims 2)

Acne (Sims 2)

Animated Hair (Sims 2)

Cars (Sims 3)

Bookstores (Sims 3)

Theatre/Cinema (Sims 3)

Clothes Shop (Sims 2)

Customisation of Multi-tone Hair (Sims 3)

Dinner Proposals (Sims 2)

Environment Needs (Sims 2)

Dreams (Sims 2)

Full Face Make-Up (Sims 2)

Garage Doors (Sims 3)

Gardeners for Hire (Sims 2)

Rabbit Hole (Sims 3)

Restaurant/Cafe (Sims 3)

Commute to School/Work (Sims 3)

Skin Tone Slider (Sims 3)

Patched in For Free

Basements (Sims 3)

Male Body Hair (Sims 3 - Supernatural)

Opacity Slider (Sims 3)

Looking at this list you can see that some of the missing items have only been in one previous iteration of the game, generally either the Sims 2 or 3. The gameplay has reverted to be more similar to the Sims 2 with you having to actively use each household, hence the lack of open world, rabbit holes and story progression (although it must be noted that sims in the world will age but will not conceive and progress in any other way). A lot of the customisation of the Sims 3 has gone missing, for example Create A Style, the terrain tools and customisation of multi-tone hair. Quite a lot of the missing features have not been in the base game since the Sims 2 and so should not necessarily be expected to be in the fourth iteration of the game.

I would be amiss to say I do not wish some of those listed above were in the base game, but we seem to have forgotten what has been added to this latest version.

Brand new Create a Sim (overly promoted but from the released demo, simmers seem to be very impressed with the functionality)

Build Mode has been redesigned

Not paying bills has an actual effect (Replaces the repo man)

New Exchange in Game (Replaces the external website)

Brand new careers with two separate paths (Replaces some of the previous careers)

Nightclubs in the Base Game (Always been in expansion packs only)

Emotions (Game will have more depth and make play more difficult compared to before)

Career Rewards (Was available before but more items have been included compared to previous games)

Multi-tasking (Sims can now sit, watch tv, eat and have a conversation)

Separate Friendship and Romance bar

Autosave Feature (Probably the greatest thing they have added)

Multiple worlds (You are no longer confined to the world you started in)

New skills

Lower Computer Specifications (Allows more people to play without forking out for a brand new computer)

New Deaths

Three Different Wall Heights and Windows can be Placed at three different heights

No Pregnancy Outfits (Uses current outfit)

Obviously there will be other features that I can not currently find or have not yet been revealed, but I think looking at what has been achieved so far, and what we are getting as a basis for the future expansions is very promising. I will miss the open world and story progression of the Sims 3, but I still have that available at a moments notice on my computer. So maybe we should all give it a chance. If you want the Sims 2, or the Sims 3 then play those games. You want pets, weather and holidays, then play the older versions. You can’t pretend you didn’t know they would roll out new expansions and take it back to basics.

I however am a fan who wants the developers to surprise me, and give me a game that will keep me entertained for another five years to come.

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Animals With Unusual Fur Markings [bp]

Previously: Cats Sitting Like HumansBunnies Sticking Their Tongues Out

the weenie dog

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When it comes to humans, penguins can be very fearless and curious. Here, they look like they’re lining up to be taken back in the scientists’ zodiac! 。◕‿◕。 It looks so cute!


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